Spreading my wings
Mexico City 
for 2 years.

One my earliest memories is snuggling down in the very back of a VW Beetle, watching the sky pass above.

That was only the beginning of chronic wanderlust. I have been fortunate to take some sort of trip almost yearly for most of my life. Even when my kids were young, my favorite thing to do was take them on a field trip or vacation adventure. 

Fast forward to my early 50's, I left the nest REALLY empty.


I downsized drastically, selling or donating everything that would not fit in my trusty Honda CRV with 90,000 miles on it.

Later I sold the car to a Buddhist monastery in Northern California (true story) and bought a one-way ticket to Mexico City.

I lived in the fascinating cultural brew that is Mexico City for 2 years and achieved a life long dream of becoming bilingual in Spanish and English.  Ándale!


I treasured precious time with my amazing millennial kids and family in Mexico, Iceland, the UK and Europe.


I traveled solo in Ecuador and Mexico, and had soul-bending experiences in Costa Rica and Sedona AZ with good friends.


I hiked in Baja and met the gods of the desert just outside Todos Santos, while pet sitting the world's smartest dog. 


I soaked up the Cabo vibe and explored the pirate coves off the Sea of Cortez, at times with a pirate dog who lives on the beach, trying to stow away,  sin papeles.   

OK, I know what you may be thinking by this time. 

hmm, trust fund or no?

I know I always wonder "how does she do it?"  when I read about someone living outside the box . 

In my case, definativamente no. 

I am not wealthy, nor do I receive a stipend. I refused alimony in my divorce, much to the dismay of my lawyer, family and friends.  

​TMI? Perhaps. But I share that because I want you to know we are not futzing around here.

You see, while I was living in different places, I also got laser focused on expanding my life with new friendships and upgrading my skills in online marketing.


All during this time, I took on house sitting gigs and remote video editing jobs to help pay the bills. I spent some of my savings, too. I think of it as my real world MBA. working steadily to rebuild my professional network and learn the ropes to create a location independent online business as a marketing video strategist.