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I lead The Tigress Society. 
I live / work from anywhere via immersive travel.
I help impact-driven visionaries define & mirror their brilliance.

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Hi there - 

Thanks so much for visiting. I would love to learn more about you,  what brought you here.  How is life different for you now, as the world wakes up post-COVID-19? Feel free to drop me a line.

That photo in the snowstorm is me, channeling my inner Valkyrie during an icy hike in Iceland with my daughter. The red alpaca cape from Ecuador came in very handy. I guess alpacas know a thing or two about staying warm in the snow and sleet.

A few years ago, that adventurous Iceland hiking buddy, aka my daughter, left for college in London. Her equally amazing older brother was already living on his own. 

I left the nest really empty. I sold or donated anything that wouldn’t fit into my trusty Honda CRV with 90,000 miles on the odometer. I freed up funds and flexibility to create a location-independent business that I could run from anywhere with an internet connection.  Five years before COVID-19, at age 50, I embraced work-from-anywhere.

That trusty car took me across the Western US, California, and down Mexico way to Cabo and back. She earned her retirement to a Buddhist monastery in Northern California (true story) and  I caught a one-way flight to Mexico City, a city I had wanted to experience for my whole life.  

In fact, that's me in the photo, claiming My Golden Sofa in a favorite coffee shop en el DF - Distrito Federal - the oldtimers', taxi drivers' and Capitolinos' name for Mexico City.  If someone was sitting there when I arrived, I'd give them the mal de ojo until they finally left. Worked every time. The spirits are still quite active in el DF.

I lived like a local for two years all over la Ciudad de México with a very charming man who was born there, an Aztec danzante Scorpio who treated me like la Reina. With his help, I was able to see places in Mexico that I would not have accessed on my own. While we are no longer novios;  he is still very charming, one of my best friends and we continue to support each other on our journeys.

March 2020, I came back to my hometown Houston for a family wedding and ended up staying for a pandemic. I moved into a quiet lovely apartment I could barely afford, with two suitcases and some borrowed furniture. I was so relieved to be someplace safe, I thought I would never leave. I would become known as the crazy lady in Apt. 542 who wears too much leopard print.

Fast forward, the skies are clearing, the world is opening again, and so am I. I'm venturing out there again to see what life post-COVID looks like. Beyond Oz.

I begin my third heroine's journey of my own choosing in June 2021. I'll be in Cancun, Western Montana, New York City, and back to Mexico City in the spring of 2022. 

Here's the thing about journeying:  It's much more fun with others. Just ask Frodo, Dorothy, Ulysses, and a host of other famous misfits and life adventurers. I would love to have you join me. Let's be penpals!

Step one is to join my email list - I use all my heart, sense of humor, and intellect to create a missive worth your time, and then I put it in an email and send it to you.  I even created a free community for us - The Tigress Society for Humans Hunting the Big Life.

I draw on insights from the Hunt -  life's transitions, travel, and life in big cities post-COVID19,  that might help you with your journey, no matter where you are on your path.   

When you sign up below, you get a free membership in my Tigress Society Community. You receive one juicy newsletter each month and some tasty snacks most weeks.  

The Tigress Society is not just for women. I welcome adults of all genders and stripes. 

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OK, I know what you may be thinking by this time. 

Hmm, trust fund or no?

Or is it just me that always wonders, "How does she do it?" when I read about someone living outside the box. 

In my case, definitivamente no. 

I am not wealthy, nor do I receive a stipend. I refused alimony in my divorce, much to the dismay of my lawyer, family, and friends.  


Perhaps. I share that because I want you to know we are not futzing around here. 


You see, while I was living out of two suitcases in dozens of different places, I also got laser-focused on expanding my life with new friendships and upgrading my skills in online marketing.


I took on house-sitting gigs and remote video editing jobs to help pay the bills. I invested some of my savings, too, in me. I see it as my real-world MBA. Instead of giving thousands to a university or taking on hefty student debt, I spent money on AirBnBs, personal development, business coaches, courses,  masterminds and testing my business ideas. 

I worked steadily to rebuild my professional network and learn the ropes of online entrepreneurship. Through trial and error (LOTS of error) I am now leading  Mirror Your Brilliance , a creative agency for branding, personal branding, and marketing video strategy.

So, yes,  I am an experience junkie.  

But what I'm really addicted to is this: the transformation that happens when people embrace life's transitions and venture out beyond their comfort zone.

I call these brave souls Tigresses, yet it's not just about women. A man can be a Tigress, too, as well as anyone with different gender identity. It’s not about gender; it’s about self-awareness. 

For the Tigress, a supportive group is essential because, unfortunately, many people, some in your inner circle, will say, " Are you crazy, isn't  (insert your heart's desire here) dangerous? "  Or stupid. Or risky. Or threatening - to them.

And you will sit there, with the Tigress' unblinking green eyes shining behind your own, feeling the pacing inside, your belly growling as claws scratch at your heart. The Tigress will still wake you, heavy and hot on your chest at 3 AM, growling, "Why aren't we hunting more?" 

I can't very well offer anyone else insights about the thrill of taking risks that bring deep joy, even as they draw blood, if I haven't done it myself, right? 

Learn more about The Tigress Society here.

By the way, see that left photo above, taken while I was speaking at a private mastermind event for mega-influencer Selena Soo?  Do you see the Tigress behind me?

That picture was taken a full year before the idea for the Tigress Society came to me.

Accident? I don't think so. 

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