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When I turned my life upside down a few years ago, it took me on a journey with twists and turns I could not have imagined. Aka life's learning lab. 

I picked up a diverse variety of teachers, tools and tips for people hunting the Big Life.

From practical supplies to woo-woo conduits for your soul's wisdom, I'm happy to share these resources with you.

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Travel tools

Yes we all love the IG posts of people rolling up to check-in at the resort sporting the complete Louis V. luggage look, or road warriors with TUMI large or aluminum side luggage. 

I feel ya. In fact, I came down with a case of luggage lust after my large suitcase finally wore out.  Howevah - if your suitcase is worth more on Ebay than a month's wage for the people handling it, driving the taxi, or cleaning your room, your risk for getting ripped off goes up. 

One compromise is to get a nicer carry-on that you keep with you, although I would still be cautious with the expensive status brand purses or carry-ons.

I love my AWAY carry on suitcase, I got it as an attendee gift at a TED-Women conference years ago and it still zips and rolls like a brand new. I also love that Away's female founders are on track to be running a billion dollar company. #unicorn.

AWAY luggage

Hard or soft side? 

This is personal preference, I see the benefit of both and my inner minimalist likes the structure and sleek look of hardsided luggage. But, after flirting with a large hardside suitcase where the wheel well cracked the first time I used it, I went back to a softside as my go-to for a bigger bag. 

Samsonite is an oldie but goodie, and if you hit a sale you can't go wrong. Also, UPS messed up the shipping when I ordered a new suitcase and Samsonite refunded me the shipping costs so I'm a happy camper with the folks over there. UPS, less so. meh.

This is very similar to the suitcase I bought and so far its been fantastic.  I named him Sam. 

Samsonite Large Suitcase

Staying organized on the ground.

This is something I don't see many travel bloggers talk about, probably because it is not as critical for short term stays.

I practice immersive travel, meaning I try to stay in one place for at least a month at a time. 

I hate digging in my suitcase so I always unpack as soon as possible. I recently came across this genius solution. These collapsible drawer dividers for clothes, toiletries and other accessories are easy to pack, and you could even use them to keep things organized inside your suitcase if you want to. 

This is the brand I bought on Amazon. 

Neaterize Collapsible Organizers

Books and some other real things
you can hold in your hands.

Coming soon. In the meantime, pick up The Gift, Daniel Landinsky's translation of poems by the Sufi poet Hafiz.