The Tigress Society

For humans hunting a Big Life


Why the Tigress? Good question! My spirit animal is the Grizzly Bear! 🤷‍♀️

Are you a fit for the Tigress Society?

You wake at 2 AM under a full moon, your soul prowling and pacing and ready, your innards growling from lack of a real kill. 

You are in a transition phase. You feel a call to hunt the Big Life, even if you are not sure of all the details yet. 

You are confident, yet still feel doubt.

You take risks, but still feel fear.

A lot of people look to you to have answers.

You lead with positivity and avoid negative people. 

You work on your mind-body connection.

You have strong opinions and you keep an open mind.

You know how to laugh at yourself. 

You know lots of people, but rarely find someone to have a real conversation with. 

If you are looking for some like-minded hunting partners, welcome to our jungle.

The jungle path is confusing, with no map. The answers are within all of us, and we need each other, as mirrors, to clear the way.

Most importantly, we laugh a lot, because living a big life doesn't mean dragging boulders around. 

It means pouncing with joy.

Life is more fun when we light(en)up inside and out.


Our basic membership is free. We welcome adults of all genders and stripes.