To me, travel is so much more than a margarita-soaked package vacay. 

After an extended bout of midlife depression, travel gave me back my physical and mental health, my inner spirit, my creativity, my courage, my mojo. 

And it can do the same for you.

Especially now that we are entering the first phase of post-pandemic, when people are craving not only taking that trip they may have been putting off before, but also craving the answer to some basic, important questions.  


Why am I (still) here?

What am I supposed to be doing?

How can I help my corner of the world? 

Yes, you can sit on your comfy couch and contemplate all of the above. You may be there right now. No worries, I get it! 

In my experience, though, comfy couch syndrome only gets you as far as the fridge and back.

Travel can be like rocket fuel for your INNER journey. 

I founded Tigress Travel to help you with all of the above. I don't have the answers. You do, and travel helps them to surface. 

After you are done on the comfy couch, perhaps from binge reading my blog, let's talk about your heart's desire inner rumbling.

I have a travel experience up my rashguard sleeve just for you, we can help you with everything from zoom call deep dives during your trip to help you get the most out of your experiences, to a unique itinerary and even a personal driver (see Sergio, below) if you need one. 


 Tigress Travel Advisors and Collabs  

Sergio Luis Zavala Aguirre

Sergio is an Aztec danzante Scorpio native of Mexico City, he grew up living all over CDMX without a silver cuchara en su boca. He's been to Burning Man twice. 

I could just leave it right there but I know y'all have questions. 

Are you two a couple? 


We were together for 5 years, then we ended our personal relationship a year before the pandemic landed me back in Houston.  

We remain friends and we work together. He is a fantastic travel companion, he pushes me to do things even I balk at, and he always has my back. He brings this same sense of protectiveness to everyone in his group.

Sergio is a travel services freelancer in Mexico, a trusted amigo for visitors.

He works full time as an Uber driver and private chauffeur in Cabo San Lucas and the Baja peninsula, including Todos Santos, La Paz, La Ventana and Loreto. He has regular clients from San Diego, NorCal and Canada. 

In addition, depending upon your needs, he is available to meet you anywhere in Mexico and be the driver and or trusted Mexican friend for your trip. 

A client from California, who toured Oaxaca with us during her first time in Mexico, said, "Sergio is the main reason I felt safe." 

Please email here for more information about Sergio's services and availability. 

I speak Spanish well, yet Sergio is invaluable in seeking out the off-the-beaten path experiences, often where I am the only gringa in the group.

We recently finished 3 weeks of intense touring in the Yucatan. 

We journeyed into the wet womb of the earth; a 3 hour underground cave pools snorkeling tour, and I'm not someone who loves caves.

We snorkeled and bounced around in the sea in a flotilla of tiny fishing boats, called lanchas, captained by modern day Mayans, off the ruins at Tulum, watching thunderstorms approach. I felt like a Mayan priestess. We stalked pirates, climbed Mayan ruins and swam in the seven colors of Bacalar's lagoon.

I have so many stories. But that's what my blog is for, right? 

Do you have questions about coming to Mexico? Please email here for more information about my and Sergio's services and availability. 


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