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I often find that clients know what they need, but aren't sure how to proceed with the details. So if that's you, you are not alone! I have streamlined service packages that will simplify your life. 

I prefer to go deep with just one or two quality, conscious clients at a time. The ideal situation is a 6 month contract retainer for recurring marketing content services, working remotely. 

One thing different about me is I help clients with Values-based marketing. Engaging online over shared values is more powerful than old school demographic approaches. Social media platforms provide unprecedented opportunity for businesses to target audiences based on shared values. 

This post I wrote referencing an article from the Harvard Business Review has more specifics about the power of Values-based marketing. 

The work of David Allison at Valuegraphics is also a gold mine of great information if you are curious.

Thanks again for visiting. Oh, and perhaps you are wondering what other people say about my work? Don't miss the Kudos section at the end of the Portfolio.


Writing and Editing: Blog posts, website copy, social media copy, marketing video scripts, online course modules, ghost writing e-books.

Copywriting: Email nurture series, landing pages, sales pages

Essays and Non-fiction Memoir: I have a gift for illustrating deeper meaning with everyday observations. Example here: When Home Is A Place You've Never Been
And here, my welcome email for new blog subscribers:

VIDEO:  Short format marketing web video specialist for 15 years. Way before TikTok. 



Praise from a client who made my day. And this was even before her email 
converted at 60% to a warm audience, thus making HER day. 

Speaking of emails, more kudos: 


Before and After Sales Email Demo

Click on the link to download a "before and after" demonstration of 2 sales emails I rewrote for clients launching coaching programs. 

I present them side by side so you can see the difference, with some behind the scenes detail as to what goes into a compelling email.

09-22-21-Before-and-After-demo-email-course-promo (1).pdf



Clone Yourself, or Do This: How Thought Leaders and Experts Scale Impact and Wealth

Nine Mistakes to Avoid at the Start of Your Video


Click to see a Sales Page Example, with video.

Click to see a New Client Welcome Page.


Client Sales Page Video Script: 
Kala PHilo - Sample - Sales Video Script .pdf

Client About Me Page Video Script:  
Sample_ About ME video.pdf

Client Teaching / Trusted Expert Video Script: 
Sample Script - Kala Philo - Teaching and Trust Building Video.docx.pdf

Client Syndicated Video Ads for Natural Supplement Company:
Sample Video scripts - supplements company for syndication on airport network.pdf

Bonus! Empathy Video Script Template, this is also a Lead Magnet example:
Empathy Script Template 1.pdf


Promotional Ad for Influencer

My 60 second, jaw-dropping short video for Tim Grover,  co-author of bestselling book Relentless and the New York Times bestseller W1nning. Mr. Grover was Michael Jordan's trainer for 15 years. I wrote the script and produced the video with a small, intense creative team. My goal was to highlight the diversity of Mr. Grover's appeal beyond the world of basketball.  He attracts followers of different ages and cultures with a differentiated message and shared values that transcends demographics. My team and I successfully packed all of that subtext into 60 seconds. 

15 second Scroll Stopping
Brand Awareness for
SuperFan Magnet Videos

This is a great example of what you can achieve with stock footage. 100% edited on iPhone. 

3 minute Video for Brand Engagement
Video Is.. You at Your Best, And Here's Why! 
Part of my Video Is... Inspiration Series. Shot with an iPhone, I worked with an editor to batch produce about 50 videos in a month. 


Brand Awareness Short for Nutritional Supplement

(preview version) The final was distributed on REACH airport streaming network. I wrote the script and my team  produced 60, 30 and 15 second versions for client. 

30 second Scroll Stopping Brand Awareness and Mini-Teaching Video

Punchy little video, edited on iPhone, perfect for spicing up stodgy LinkedIn feed.


3 Minute Storytelling Short for FarmShorts Organic Farm Marketing Initiative

Part of FarmShorts Series.  I wrote, produced and edited these videos. As producer, I also crowdfunded the hard costs to be able to provide the videos to the farmers for free. View the playlist HERE

Social Short - Instagram for travel brand

Stock footage, edited on iPhone. See more IG Reel short videos

Looking for some help with writing and / or videos? 

Tell me all about it.  : D


Email me to set up a call.

If writing and video creation are not your strong suit, I understand. 

Every year in April when the taxman cometh, I find myself wishing that accounting was my strong "suit" - you know, like that suit in the back of the closet that you only wear to funerals.

I know the taxing activity (ha ha) is important to my business, but I do not have a talent for bookkeeping.

I also know your frustration because I see that same harried look dissolve into relief on a client’s face when I take a draft of a blog post, email, or landing page and make it all better. 

You see, good content is about the audience, reflects shared values, helps solve problems, is optimized for specific social media platforms, is not so stuffed with keywords that it reads like an AI SEObot wrote it.  Finally, the tone and information is appropriate for where your audience is in their journey with your brand. 

My #1 Tip: Always ask  "Why should the audience care?" before writing a piece of content or videofying a script.

Yes, videofy is a word, it's my word. (Think about it, why isn't there a verb for making videos?)

Which brings me to more good news for you.

I have years of experience creating powerful short marketing videos.  

This is a huge value-add for my services if your content goals include video.

Most copywriters do not know how to script short videos. 

They certainly don't know how to do video.

I do.

They also don't have a V3 Video team that creates killer, scroll-stopping, emotional 1 minute brand videos. 

I do.

Got questions? Email me and we’ll set up a call. 


Fan Mail! 

Copy of claritycoaching-DannyTamraz












From Tim Fredd, Media Sales Executive with ReachTV: 

242244123_538214053937994_2830556390993858056_n (1)


From our initial consultation and follow-up, I realized the gift that Kala shares willingly and in such a professional manner and the absolute serendipitous timing to have met her now.

I have successfully built a consulting and coaching business through speaking engagements, workshops and social media engagement. Kala is now helping me to expand into a new, exciting vector by providing the systems, infrastructure and messaging to attract my audience.

She is strategic, creative and structured - a critical combination that is helping me to clarify my message for an upcoming video-driven campaign that I will launch to increase engagement with my target audience on LinkedIn.

I highly recommend Kala to any growth-oriented professional who is looking for support especially in these critical times when leaders cannot afford to just survive, but must pivot towards new opportunities by incorporating video marketing, strategy and integration to create value, brand presence, reach new markets and sustain business growth.

Landi Spearman
Founder and Principal Change Consultant