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I help you use travel to navigate change and up-level your life. 

In fact, I wrote the book on it. 😎

The Way of the Tigress: Inner Journey, Outer Adventure to a More Powerful You

The Way of the Tigress is not just for women.  Adults of all genders and stripes can learn from the Tigress.

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Greetings Tigresses!

Are you feeling something stirring inside? Are you struggling with changes or a life transition? Do you feel like you have a restless Tigress prowling inside, sharpening her claws on your gut? 

Did you know travel can be a powerful tool to help you?  Yes, travel! I
'm not talking about a margarita-soaked package vacay. Those are fun but that's not what we're hunting here. 

That photo at the top of the page is me, channeling my inner Valkyrie during an icy hike in Iceland with my daughter. Not your typical mother-daughter getaway, right? The red alpaca cape from Ecuador came in very handy.  

In this pic I'm jumping for joy, heading out for a Way of the Tigress Nature Immersion encounter with whale sharks in Mexico. It was incredible.  

After an extended bout of midlife malaise, travel gave me back my physical and mental health, my inner spirit, my creativity, my courage, my mojo. 

And it can do the same for you. 


I know this from deep experience. I drastically downsized to a minimalist lifestyle at age 50 to travel and work remotely -  5 years before COVID.  

You see, seven years ago, I sold or donated everything that wouldn't fit into my trusty Honda CRV with 90K miles on it to travel and work online. I embraced remote work way before it was cool! Later, I sold the car to a Buddhist sanctuary in NorCal and hopped a one-way ticket to Mexico City.  #truestory

I rode out the pandemic lockdowns in Houston, my hometown. Now that the world is opening up again, I've seen many people are craving travel and the answer to some basic, important questions.  

Why am I (still) here?  What am I supposed to be doing?  How can I help my the world?
Why am I so restless? 

Mural Happiness Requires Action

Yes, you can sit on your comfy couch and contemplate all of the above. You may be there right now. No worries, I get it! I've done a whole lotta comfy couch time, too! 

In my experience, though, Comfy Couch Syndrome only gets you as far as the fridge and back.

Travel can be like rocket fuel for your INNER journey. You have the answers inside, and travel helps them to surface. 

The Way of the Tigress

Inner Journey / Outer Adventure to Discover a More Powerful You! 

The book covers a unique step by step method for using travel to navigate life transitions and turbo-charge personal growth. 

The Way of the Tigress is not just for women. Adults of all genders and stripes can learn from the Tigress.

The Way of the Tigress method is not a travel memoir. Yes, I share some stories but the meat (grrrr) of the book is based on fascinating findings about your brain on travel and time honored methods for using outer journeys to work through inner changes.

The book includes a unique, fun, step by step process to create your Inner Journey path and Outer Adventure experiences so you can navigate life transitions with less stress, better results and more fun. 

You will learn:

  • How to plan and execute a Tigress Cycle
  • How to set a Tigress Intention
  • The science behind why rituals work and how to create a ritual to support your intention
  • Brain-based reasons why travel helps you discover your inner self
  • How to choose and work with a Shadow Archetype as your travel partner
  • Three clarifying questions for your Tigress Cycle
  • How to set up three incredible Outer Journey experiences to reinforce your Inner Journey progress
  • A complete, real-world example of all of the above
  • Why I came up with the Way of the Tigress, when my spirit animal is the Grizzly Bear!
  • and more! 

Are you ready to stop resisting change and ditch the life crisis drama? Are you ready to have some fun again? The Way of the Tigress helps you take positive action to navigate life transitions, have fun, and turbo-boost personal growth.

See for yourself. Only $9.99. Order Your Copy Today.

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Why the way of the Tigress?

Here I read a chapter that explains the name of the book and who its for. 

Thanks so much for visiting. I would love to learn more about you,  what brought you here?  I'll even share my favorite gold sofa from a cute coffee shop in Mexico City. 

How is life different for you now, as the world wakes up post-COVID-19?

Now that we are entering the first phase of post-pandemic, many people are craving taking that trip they were putting off before.

Today the skies are clearing, the world is opening again, and so am I. I'm venturing out there again to see what life post-COVID looks like. 

For the past couple of years I have lived in Texas, Mexico, Western Montana and New York City. 

Here's the thing about journeying:  It's much more fun with others. Just ask Frodo, Dorothy, Ulysses, and a host of other famous misfits and life adventurers. I would love to have you join me. Let's be penpals!

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See you in the jungle!

Love, Kala