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In 2021, I started offering content marketing strategy and writing for tech companies creating world-changing products and services. 

My degree is in marketing and I was a marketing video producer for 15 years. During that time I wrote video scripts and often consulted with clients on their marketing and messaging. I also wrote several online courses, multiple lead magnets, all my own sales copy, landing pages, email series, and website copy. 

My hourly rate is $75 per hour and I am happy to talk about fixed rate and retainer arrangements.

Feel free to book a free 20 - 30 minute strategy session to talk about your specific situation. 

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I have many more writing samples other than below. Please let me know if you'd like to see more. Thank you!

Tech and Web3 Content

Impactoverse Blog about Web3 marketing, NFTs, DAOs and Blockchain, selected posts:

What is an NFT, Anyway, and Why Should You Care?

Entering the Fray: NFT Promotional Models for SMBs, Sustainable Brands and B Corp Marketing

NFT Fundraising Flavors: For-Profit, NPO, and Politicos

For Software Development Client: 

How to Start Building Web3 Concepts into Your Roadmap

Blog SEO / Ghostwriting for Clients

One of my freelance clients is Audience Ops, a white-label SEO blog service provider. My focus areas are tech, medical devices, marketing, and financial services.

Below are links to copies recent blog posts. Please contact me if you have questions. 

Advanced Medical Device Consultant

2022 Update: Funding Landscape for Medical Device Startups

2022 Update: Medicare and Medical Devices

Help Desk SaaS

5 Case Studies to Improve Your Customer Service

What is Internal Knowledge Base Software?

Financial Services

Start Your Own Covered Call Strategy

An Ultimate Guide to Dividend Growth Investing Strategy

iTrust Capital Cryptocurrency IRA Review

Additional Marketing Writing Samples

Email demo

Before and After Demo Email Mini Course (Used as lead magnet) 

Marketing Video Scripts

Produced and scripted promotional video for Tim Grover, former trainer for Michael Jordan and New York Times best selling author. 

Produced, scripted and edited FarmShorts video series for sustainable farms in Northern California

Script Review - Consultant for Teams - People-Powered Leader Language Video

Short Marketing Video for Supplements

Homepage Video Script for Confidence Coach

Empathy Script Template for Homepage Video (also used as a lead magnet)

Non-fiction Narrative and Memoir

Narrative blog based on 7 years of immersive living in midlife, mostly outside the US:

Selected posts: 

Mountain Lion at Evening

When Home is a Place You've Never Been


The Way of the Tigress: Inner Journey, Outer Adventure

A unique step by step method for leaders to use travel to navigate life transitions and turbo-charge personal growth.