9 Mistakes To Avoid at the Start of Your Video

I know you are all familiar with the idea of a customer journey; similar to any relationship, you have to attract and engage with people to get to know them. This is also often called a marketing funnel. 

If you do video, all videos are not created equal. What works in the “getting to know you” phase - the middle of the funnel does not usually work in the “I want to know you”  phase - top of the funnel - TOFU.

Let's talk about the TOFU part, because kind of like the first two weeks of going ve…

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Everything They Told You About Niching is Wrong

OK this is big so lets dive in. If you are a coach, consultant or building a thought leader personal brand, this is for you.


You have heard that “the riches are in the niches”. So frustrating, right? Especially because many of the coaches that say that are not very niched!

Anyway, this is what happens:

We get caught up in our niching. We download an Avatar worksheet. Maybe we print it out.

When we are uncertain, we stop sharing how we are diffe…

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Personal Branding - Ick or Wow Factor?

Just a few years ago, it was possible to work your whole life and not really think much about your "personal brand". Professional imagery consisted of a posed head shot and a business card. 

Today, with the advent of social media, we have the opportunity, and in some cases, the mandate, really, to craft a strategy for our personal brand. 

This makes many people uncomfortable. I have seen negative reactions that personal branding is "icky" or "gross" or egotistical. 

Yes, it can be all o…

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