Three Strategies To Create Irresistible Content

Make your messaging irresistible

In previous posts, I make the case that one reason content marketing can be frustrating is that the approach is outdated and we need a new one.

So what kind of content strategies do we need now? What’s a brand to do to get off the exhausting content and customer churnfest?

How do you fine-tune content to build trust and create a steady stream of Customers for Life (CFLs)? (or is it CsFL?)

Fix 1: Shared values

If trust is so important, it must be hard, right?…

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Is your content marketing stuck? If so, you are not alone.

Fact: Most companies distributing content still need a content marketing strategy that works. 

In the past, I helped companies and NPOs with their marketing videos and saw that most clients needed a more strategic approach to content. Now, as a content strategist and writer, I see that the same still holds true.

So I got curious and did a little digging.

I found a 2022 Semrush survey asking 1,500+ businesses about content marketing strategy. Here is what they found:

  • 97% of companies said c…

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