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When You Just Don't Want to Do It Anymore

How to say no to energy vampire work and uncover your strengths to maximize personal power and growth.

By the time we are in our 50's we have decades of practice masking our natural inclinations to please others. It turns out this in not the best compass. I haven't looked for a statistic as proof but my gut tells me this more true for women than men.  What if there was a way to easily peel back the polite layers that mask our natural inclinations? 

Well, there is. 

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Lessons from Montana Time Off - How and When to Quit.

Knowing when to quit requires being honest with ourselves. This posts lists 4 common pitfalls and a technique to decide when to quit and when to keep trying. Lessons from time off in Montana.

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Yin Heat- Finding the Feminine the Yucatan


July in Mexico’s Yucatán is a free fall into a temazcal- the word for a traditional sauna experience drenched with super hot vapor from heated volcanic rocks. 

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Laptop Died. Getting More Done. Wish You Were Here


“Laptop died, getting lots done, having a blast, wish you were here.”

If I could send you a postcard, that’s what it would say. (Man, I miss postcards, don’t you?)

I am working and playing from the MexicanRiviera for a few weeks, and my Pixelbook died, probably from heat exhaustion
Here’s what I did not expect:

My clarity and productivity has actually gone up.

Using my IPhone restricts my field of vision. I stay focused, and do less tab swapping.

I was still doing stuff “real quick” on my l…

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#writedaily Seeing the drift, Captaining your own ship

June 20, 2021 - (almost) Daily writing, unfiltered post practice. Typos, misspellings and opinions are all my own. 


Down to the wire with moving out. 

I’m mostly W1nning, but already lost in a couple of key goals. 

I’m not physically where I wanted to be by the time I left for Cancun. I'm better than I was when I arrived almost a year and a half ago, but I'm still not getting enough sleep. 

This move has been OK, even though I planned ahead and left cushion, it was barely enough for…

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My Crystal Ball Street Cred, and How To Get Yours, Too


Sometimes when I write, I predict the future. 

When you come across those posts, you might ask, “Why should I listen to you?” 

Great question. I would ask, too, if I were you.

The answer is I am a proven, intuitive visionary who has learned to guard and nurture that aptitude. 

I’m not making it up. It has taken me over 50 years to get out of my own way and claim it, as a matter of fact.

I have proof below.

But first, I want to let you know that while big picture thinking is one of my stre…

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Drive-thru Vaccines, check. You're Still Here. What's Next?

high school stadium

Houston has almost 7 million people to vaccinate. 

While that sounds like a big job - and it certainly is - Harris County has some hurricane-hardened experience serving large numbers of people, and not just during floods and fire.

Take schools, for example. The Houston area is home to 10 of the largest public high schools in the country, with my alma mater Alief Hastings clocking in at 3rd largest in Texas, 26th in the USA. Go Bears!  

Texans like their football, which leads to sprawling hig…

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Ice Ice Baby - Life Lessons from the Winter Storm in Texas



Just as Texans were getting our footing in 2021 after a challenging 2020, the authorities gave notice of the coming winter storm.

I ordered groceries on time, made some adjustments so I could continue to work without power for a day or so, filled up water bottles, and then patted myself on the back that I was ready.


As the official news was dribbling out updates, I realized that state leadership either had not known or did not want to admit how bad it was going to get. I knew the pr…

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Playing Failure Roulette with the Reptile Brain


I just did what I call PD roulette - open a random page in a book from the worlds of personal development or spirituality.

Today's spin was with Tim Grover’s Relentless: From Good to Great to Unstoppable

I landed in the chapter on failure. It was not what I expected, and it was exactly what I needed, which pretty much sums up Tim Grover’s approach in general. 

Like everyone else, I’m adjusting to the world’s wobbling. I’m risking, showing up once again, and again, and again, to planning, p…

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Want That Dream Come True? Make Yourself Uncomfortable


Sky over the Baja Desert near Todos Santos, Mexico, 2018

The cloudy summer sky glows like an iridescent sliver-gray shell arching over the desert near Todos Santos, Mexico. The air is warm, humid, and expectant, waiting on an approaching hurricane that pushes rain ahead to the parched desert south of us, but not one drop of rain falls on the town.

This time of year, tourism dries up as locals with pesos and gringos with passports skip town for cooler climes.  Go walking in the …

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