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What to Pack to Grow Your Audience Quickly

One of the current activities of a mindset mastermind group I’m in is a February clean-out. Members are giving away and decluttering all month long.

I get to sit that one out, because I downsized 5 years ago to just what would fit in my car. Later I even sold the car to a Buddhist monastery in Northern California. (true story). 

Going through closets can take a long time. The conventional wisdom is to dump it all out on your bed and go through it one by one. This is bad advice. 

What I sugge…

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9 Mistakes To Avoid at the Start of Your Video

I know you are all familiar with the idea of a customer journey; similar to any relationship, you have to attract and engage with people to get to know them. This is also often called a marketing funnel. 

If you do video, all videos are not created equal. What works in the “getting to know you” phase - the middle of the funnel does not usually work in the “I want to know you”  phase - top of the funnel - TOFU.

Let's talk about the TOFU part, because kind of like the first two weeks of going ve…

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Besties for smart marketing and engagement - Video + Facebook Ads. Expert Interview with Tracy Petrucci.

I sat down with super smart Tracy Petrucci, a Facebook ads specialist and owner of Tracy Petrucci, a boutique social media marketing agency in San Diego. Below are some of the highlights from our conversation about video for Facebook ads - what works, where to start, ideas for ads to leverage, what is retargeting and why its awesome, and more! 

Why should people even try a video for Facebook ad?

Well, okay, how much time do we have? : )

I have multiple re…

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