Are You Bullying Your Followers and Don't Even Realize It? Insights for Personal Brands

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Like many people, I watched Facebook and Twitter blow up during and after halftime at the Superbowl. 

One post in particular caught my eye. It was written by a woman I admire, she’s a successful entrepreneur who is building her following. 

Her post was impassioned, and it was defensive and judgmental of anyone who didn’t …

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The Hallmark Holiday Story Arc

Confession time. I have been binge watching Hallmark holiday movies with my mom while visiting Montana this month. Lots of small town snowfalls, making up under the mistletoe, and no straying from the story formula. 

As schmaltzy as the movies are, there is just something so satisfying about a happy ending. That and my mom’s commentary is a hoot.

This is the basic story arc:

1. The bad news
2. Shining the light in the dark place, aha moment
3. Then the good news.

This got me thinking about the power…

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Oh, I Could Never Do That

On my first solo trip in Ecuador, 2015
I could never do that.

A friend said that on a call the other day, we were talking about stretch goals, and her comment has lingered with me since then. 

I’ve just finished 2 days of batch shooting videos, about 30 total. I'm a little fried. 

Yesterday’s focus was a lot of mindset content, and that has me thinking about fear. In my business, fear is usually the cute elephant in a pink tutu in the room. Most women have some fear of video.

When was t…

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