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Three Strategies To Create Irresistible Content

Make your messaging irresistible

In previous posts, I make the case that one reason content marketing can be frustrating is that the approach is outdated and we need a new one.

So what kind of content strategies do we need now? What’s a brand to do to get off the exhausting content and customer churnfest?

How do you fine-tune content to build trust and create a steady stream of Customers for Life (CFLs)? (or is it CsFL?)

Fix 1: Shared values

If trust is so important, it must be hard, right?…

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Causes are Key to Brand Marketing in Evolution from Web2 to Web3

Marketing is experiencing a seismic shift for the better.

It started with the COVID-19 lockdowns and BLM protests. Like rebellious teenagers running amok on spring break, nature sent most humans on the planet to their room to reconsider their priorities.

At the same time, people were more connected than ever before. We saw behind the curtain; there is no wizard in Oz.  We watched governments and institutions falter, even as extremism continued to coalesce and strengthen. Now we are all online …

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