Laptop Died. Getting More Done. Wish You Were Here


“Laptop died, getting lots done, having a blast, wish you were here.”

If I could send you a postcard, that’s what it would say. (Man, I miss postcards, don’t you?)

I am working and playing from the MexicanRiviera for a few weeks, and my Pixelbook died, probably from heat exhaustion
Here’s what I did not expect:

My clarity and productivity has actually gone up.

Using my IPhone restricts my field of vision. I stay focused, and do less tab swapping.

I was still doing stuff “real quick” on my laptop that I should be delegating.

Now that it’s a pain in the butt, I’m offloading those tasks.

I’ve been working for the past few months on staying in my zone of genius, spending my time on what lights up me and my people.

Not just in work, but life.

Many of us have an inner tigress - a hunger for our “best me” that we are working on becoming.

Guess what? Your “best me” doesn’t just pop up one day and snatch your body like an amiable alien.

No, your “best me” is impatiently waiting in the penthouse with the Tigress on the terrace…

while your current “me” futzes around the lobby with habits and hacks, controlling and doing the small stuff.

Change needs a practice field. We create time and space to practice being “best me” until we grow into that goodness.

I used to scatter my chi all over the place, doing lots of things half ass, tired, feeling I was running someone else’s race.

Fair warning. Those are some of the seeds of a life transition crisis, my friend.

Try this experiment.
A. Put your laptop in a drawer for a week. Better yet, ship it to a distant friend to keep for you. 🔒

Then do what it takes to get your work done anyway.

B. Do two NEW things that light you up. See what happens.

A and B 👆🏽will probably involve delegating or asking for help😱 aka prioritizing to free up time.

You will survive. 🥰

Let me know how it goes.

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