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June 18, 2021 - Daily writing, unfiltered post practice. Typos, misspellings and opinions are all my own. 

Fasting, Eating, Journeying, and the Prairie

There is no accident that fasting came up for me even though I’m “busy”.  It's the only thing that keeps my edge outside as well as in. When I don't eat, I don’t need a nap, I’m super focused, less ADHD. I’ve always thought that eating was sometimes an annoyance. 

It also just occurred to me that people used to fast before they would go on a journey. Fasting is part of a vision quest.

A few weeks ago, I recognized my travel plans are the beginning of my third heroine's journey of my own conscious choosing. My subconscious knew this before I saw it, and so of course, it makes perfect sense that fasting is showing up even though I never fasted in my life before the first time a few months ago. 

I must have a genetic freakazoid short-circuit wormhole that connects me across the millennia to my hunter-gatherer grandmothers. I love the prairie, I walk there often in my meditations.More about that in a bit.

Those ancestors probably only ate one “meal” per day, on a good day. They carried primordial trail mix with them, snacked on edible roots, tiny fruits, seeds, a clutch of eggs discovered by a small child, chasing the clan’s wolf puppy in the long prairie grass.

If the herds and the hunters were healthy, the people ate well, but stopping for 3 large meals with protein as the star of the show was unthinkable. 

This may be the exact reason Keto and I don’t like each other. First, the good. I do appreciate the no-sugar approach to Keto, especially if people can resist fake sugars. But other than that, no. 

I ate Keto for a week, and it felt gross to be consuming that much fat and animal protein, I felt sluggish and queasy, and I actually gained weight.

Keto fans would say I didn’t give my body time to adjust to the diet, and that is 100% correct. I have no interest in forcing my body to adjust to such an indulgent way of eating, when my body craves more blocks of time when I’m just not eating at all, period. 

When I fast, my gut just feels better. My insides focus as they burn up yesterday's fuel. When I eat “normally” I just get sleepy and feel like a zombie by comparison. 

I am not a vegan, although I would shut down the industrial meat production industry today if I was Queen of the world. Small farms, ranches and village herds are a whole different approach. I filmed on location at about a dozen healthy farms and ranches. I don’t want to live in a world with no cattle, goats, lambs,  happy pigs, chickens, or Bison, for that matter, even though we almost succeeded in exterminating them - they all have a revered place in human husbandry and the food chain. 

I am a human, the Apex predator with a frontal lobe and a conscience. It is excessive to binge on animal protein and fats when those were the most “expensive” elements in the hunter-gatherer food chain, before the fast-food industry pushed the price and quality of protein to all-time lows.   

I was born, not raised, in Iowa. As young parents, my mom and dad took us on long family trips from Maryland and Texas to visit grandparents and cousins for the holidays. My dad was a young architect building his career, money was tight. They charged the gas on a credit card, packed lunches, and drove in shifts to avoid one more night in a hotel. 

I tucked into the back seat of our used car, legs folded underneath, no seat belt, staring out the window at the flat midwestern landscape, trying to ignore my brothers. I am forever grateful I did not have the option of turning to an iPad. Those long moments just looking out the window, sitting with, and then relaxing into, boredom, nurtured my visual and contemplative instincts in a precious way.

A few years ago, I was lucky to visit the Neal Smith Prairie Center in Iowa. It was beautiful and frustrating,  like a teaser of the real trip I can never take. 

Witnessing the great Prairie and animal herds of the new world are on my time travel bucket list, before the european settlers and US soldiers, including my more recent Midwestern ancestors, profited from decimating the land, animals and people.  I have Prairie blood on my genes, too.


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