What to Pack to Grow Your Audience Quickly


One of the current activities of a mindset mastermind group I’m in is a February clean-out. Members are giving away and decluttering all month long.

I get to sit that one out, because I downsized 5 years ago to just what would fit in my car. Later I even sold the car to a Buddhist monastery in Northern California. (true story). 

Going through closets can take a long time. The conventional wisdom is to dump it all out on your bed and go through it one by one. This is bad advice. 

What I suggested to the group is to pretend you are going on a trip. Pack two suitcases with summer clothes, twice. Then do the same with winter clothes. Give away 90% of what's left. You are done. 

Now, whenever I’m overwhelmed, I simplify by starting with the end result - the neatly packed suitcase - empty out the to-do list and and add back only actions that will get me to that point. 

Let’s consider growing an audience and email list, something all of us need to do to grow our business. 

It seems daunting to attract the right people out of the millions of possible interactions online. What to prioritize? Social media? Personal outreach? How to do it? Webinars? Ads? Challenges? Video? Podcasting? Blogging?

It can feel overwhelming, right? What if you could simplify this?

Let's move away from the overflowing closet of to-dos for attraction marketing and just pack our overnight bag, for starters. 

Start with the end in mind: 

An engaged email list, or following, that interacts with your content regularly and a percentage of them become clients. 

Why do they do that? 

Because they trust you. So, we need trust in our suitcase.

Why do they trust you?

Because they have spent time with your content and like it.


Because you share not only “how-to” content, but you share values, offer something that appeals to them on an emotional level, or entertainment, or both!

So, now our Superfan growth suitcase contains:

Trust built on content that shows:
Knowledge of our audience, 
a solution we present as unique, i.e. some teaching content
plus values based content that resonates with them emotionally. 

Now, to grow your business quickly, you have to pack light and move fast. 

The shorter the distance between “I don’t know you” and “I like and trust you”, the better.

What is the best content for gaining trust quickly?  Video.  That is not an original insight. I myself must have said it 10,000 times in the last few years. 

Here is the update:

A couple of years ago, it was enough just to post a video - there was a novelty to that for about 10 seconds in internet time. 

As video becomes ubiquitous, short video is an accelerating trend (according to Social Media Examiner and me, too) as the social media platforms trip over each other to capture the market share created by TikTok. Instagram Reels are a perfect example. 

Short video is also very effective for retargeting if you are running ads. You can segment viewers based on how long they watched your video. 

So, another thing you need in your overnight bag for fast growth is content and video tailored to the different stages of your relationship with your customer.  

The first impression video is arguably the most critical because all new clients start as new followers.
And, as we all know, you only get one chance to make a first impression.

The biggest challenge is getting people to stop the scroll and watch the video. 

So, what makes up a great first impression video? I’m glad you asked. 

I’ve put together a guide that goes over 4 Keys to Superfan Magnet Videos where I go over this in more detail. If you would like a copy, simply sign up and we will send it out:


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