9 Mistakes To Avoid at the Start of Your Video

I know you are all familiar with the idea of a customer journey; similar to any relationship, you have to attract and engage with people to get to know them. This is also often called a marketing funnel. 

If you do video, all videos are not created equal. What works in the “getting to know you” phase - the middle of the funnel does not usually work in the “I want to know you”  phase - top of the funnel - TOFU.

Let's talk about the TOFU part, because kind of like the first two weeks of going vegan, the TOFU video is arguably the hardest one. 

Put yourself in the shoes of your audience or ideal client who don’t know you yet. 

They are bombarded with tons of content online, as well as whatever is going on IRL for them at the moment.

Do you see how your video needs to open with something urgent or they won’t see a need to engage? 

Here are 9 things I see all the time that don’t work well for attracting new audience:

  1. Your selfie
  2. Ghandi or Oprah quote shared by millions before you. 
  3. Top 10 list with general tips anyone could share. 
  4. Hi! My name is...”, 
  5. hey guys whassup?
  6. I am the founder of...
  7. You sitting in your car doing a video - that setting is usually better for people that know you.
  8. You walking down the street doing a video, unless you live someplace interesting. I have a colleague on LinkedIn who starts videos by showing famous parts of NYC. It works. 
  9. You in front of a whiteboard -so not scroll-stopping. However, you might be able to lead people into a teaching segment, IF your hook is very strong. I saw a young woman doing ads on FB for course creation, I can't remember her name now but she did a great job with her hook. 


you know I love you, but most of the time YOU are not the star of the show for your TOFU videos.

The number one goal for content at the top of your funnel is to stop the scroll. 

Things that are scroll stopping:



So if pup in a cup or bikinis are on brand for you, you don’t need me. 

If ultra cute baby canines and cleavage are a stretch for your brand story, then what should you start your videos with? Try this:

Striking imagery that reflects shared values. A text hook. You can see some examples on my Instagram.

If you need some help planning this out,I'm here for you. 

And for those of you who are camera shy, the best news is that with the TOFU video, you might be able to limit your appearance to a cameo.

All my best,


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