How Video Saves You Time While Helping Your Better Serve Your Clients

So today we're talking about video as the ultimate shortcut.

And what do I mean by that?

Well, there's several ways that could be the case, but here's an example.

I have a colleague and she's a super talented headshot photographer working with people for their personal branding.

She provides a really premium experience, which includes hair and makeup.Her manner of doing things and the way that her studio is set up - all is primed for the ultimate client experience in getting their headshot done.

The thing that's been challenging for her is she sends out materials ahead of time that explain how to get ready for the shoot, but often the women don't read them.

She's not always sure that the client's going to show up as prepared. So she spends extra time and explaining things instead of being able to dive right in. 

I mentioned to her that if she had a short video that represented the client experience and really show the differentiating things about it, her clients could visually get connected with that information.

They're much more likely to watch it than read a downloaded PDF that she sends out.

And when they show up, the clients are more prepared, she knows they've watched the video and the whole shoot starts out in a more relaxed way.

So is there a part of your client experience, a stage that your client goes through or even perhaps even a prospect that's really special and differentiated? 

That's a great place to start thinking about creating a little video around and we can help you with that. Contact us here or get some free face time at a  Q&A Session  for my Visibility Velocity Mastermind. 


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