Essential Video for your Business Marketing Strategy  #1: ​Testimonials!

No excuses! This is the number one type of video you can start working on today!

Testimonials: These are golden, do you know why? 

  1. ROI is fantastic - there is almost no production expense - because you are not shooting them.
  2. There is no excuse not to start on them - because you are not shooting them.
  3. They give your business “social proof”  - potential clients trust word of mouth from peers more than they do your marketing. Makes sense, no?
  4. They are highly effective, especially when done right. This is how you do them right. Ask your happy clients to shoot a simple video with their smart phone, using this outline: 

    State problem they had before they came to you
    Transformation they achieved from working with you.
    Favorite part of what you did for them. 
    This is their script, but don’t tell them that. Script makes it sound like scary work for them. 

    Tell them you will send them suggestions for what to say using a helpful outline. That sounds like you are doing the work for them! Much better. 

    Notice how they don’t start with Hi, I’m Jane Smith, owner of Cuties Cupcakes.

    Why? You only have 3 - 5 seconds to grab attention. Unless Jane Smith is a celebrity (and if that is the case they will know who she is anyway) your audience DOES NOT CARE about her name and company in the first 5 seconds. In the middle of the video, yes, at which time they will naturally learn about her at the exact time they start to care about that info. 

    Besides that, viewers will already know who she is because you have identified her outside of the video footage - on your website, and in the title for the video, or the blog post, etc.

    So how many testimonials videos will you ask for this month? 

If you have any questions, we are here for you.

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