3 Easy Ways to Find the Perfect Words for Your Marketing Video Scripts

Content strategy is simply creating a plan to distribute marketing content that attracts your target audience and resonates with their problem or need that you meet with your product or service.

So how do you know what to say?

You find out what the conversation is that is already going on in their head. You discover the exact words and phrases they are using to talk about their problem.

We want to find some quick ways to actually get into the heads of your customer about how they're thinking and the words they're using around the problem or the need that they have, that you're trying to meet with your product or service.  Here are three quick ways to jump start your content marketing strategy:

Number one, you can hang out in Facebook groups, where your potential customer hangs out, and start to watch the conversations and see the way that they phrase things, the words that they use, their particular pain points. Facebook groups are a great place to get verbatim comments about the problem that they have, that you're trying to solve.

Number two: Take those phrases, or think of the questions that you get from your clients on a regular basis. Google those questions. And in most search returns, you go down to the bottom, and there'll be a box that says, "People also searched on these terms". And it will give you other ways that people are phrasing that same search, that same question. 

Number three: the last thing that you can do is you can create a survey. Google Forms is great for this. Create a survey, and be sure you include some open-ended or short answer questions so that they have to use their own words to answer the questions.

This can't be a long survey.  Don't try to get them to answer everything in the world. Pick a certain assumption that you have, that you assume about how they feel about your product or service and how it meets their needs, and test that assumption. Don't try to get every question answered from your clients in one survey.

BONUS - extra credit! This is an extra that takes a bit of time but is very valuable. Interview some of your audience. Create a list of questions, interview them, and listen really well, and document their answers, and that will give you so much information about how they're thinking about their problem that you have the product or service to solve.

There you have it - three quick ways to jumpstart your content marketing strategy for your videos. If you have any questions about this topic, I am sure you're not the only one. Don't feel like you're alone with that.

Below you can download our Content Marketing Strategy Worksheet to help you get organized and find the exact words and phrases that will attract your audience. 
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