How to reel in your video and Youtube audience with a strong opener.

5  seconds. That's it.

That is all the time we have to capture attention with our videos. The opening line of your Youtube marketing videos is super important. 

There are small but important tweaks to the introduction, or opening line, that can help improve what is called  "audience retention" - how long someone sticks with your video. 

Here is a nice example. In a script review for one of our clients, Rebecca Reynolds Moore, Founder of InANutshell Consulting, I see that she starts by introducing herself. This makes sense and is a very common way people start their videos.

Then I notice she has a soundbite that starts with "I have a confession to make...." where she details a challenge she had been through that her audience could identify with.

I suggest we lead with that soundbite - this is called a hook.

When someone says "I have a confession to make..."  aren't we automatically curious? Who doesn't want to hear a confession? Plus she's being vulnerable right off the bat, which immediately elicits trust from the viewer.

This is brilliant catchphrase for a Youtube video!

I'm going to use this hook soon, too! Kudos Rebecca!

So I bet you want to see her video, right?

Check it out here, on her shiny new YouTube Channel. I feel like a proud Auntie. Its sooo awesome to see entrepreneurs diving into video and a real privilege to work with them on this!

To sum up, one rule of thumb for scripting your marketing videos is this - your audience is wanting to know how long its going to take to get to the point.

A hook is like a promise of what's to come. Set up the promise with an opening line, or hook, and then get to the point quickly.

What opener can you think of that would reel your audience in? Post in the comments below : ) 

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