Ladies, read this if you are afraid of video. It will help immensely.

I hate being on camera. 
I hate the way I look. 
I sound funny. I don't know what to say.

What will my (INSERT friends, parents, ex, or any other person whose opinion matters to you) think if they see me in video online? 

All of those are understandable feelings about being on video.

I'm here to help you get past them. I literally wake up at night thinking about this because its a big threat to the success, if not the existence, of many women-led businesses.

Very soon (like next year) I sincerely believe that not having video in your marketing mix will be almost like not having a website - you'll be missing one of the marketing fundamentals.  And its not just me saying that, the statistics back me up. 

But let's reframe what video means for your, your business and your audience.

​You see, what video means has shifted beneath us. It is one reason we may feel so off-balance. It's hard enough to stay upright and moving ahead in this fast paced business world.

​Now you are being asked to face some deep-seated resistance to being on camera, with all of your supposed imperfections out in front in dazzling Hi Def.

Maybe you dread being the center of attention. Maybe you are afraid others will judge you for bragging or being too self-promotional. Maybe you simply don't know what to say, where to start. 

Here is the truth: Those feelings are remnants from an unhelpful playbook someone handed you in 6th grade, if not before. This Playbook for Playing Small has been added to countless times over the years, by the media, social institutions, and by people who are threatened by your shine, to be quite honest.

If you are letting those feelings stop you from implementing the most important change you can make to transform your business, namely, a marketing video strategy, it is because you don't understand what video is, today, in 2018. 
This is what video is:

Video is story.

Video is wisdom earned.

Video is finally explaining the heart and soul of your business in a way that captures your passion.

Video is an incredible opportunity that you are fortunate to have.

Video is transforming your business.

Video is BY FAR the #1 format for engaging an online audience.

Video is like having 1000 coffees with your tribe.

Video is better done than perfect. 

Video is deeply connecting with your audience.

Video is simple when you have the right system.

Video is being thousands of places at once.

Video is sharing your wisdom.

Video is not about you, its about them.

Video is always being in the right place at the right time.

Video is a generous act that people appreciate.

Video is you at your best.

Video is you being brave.

Video is you being strategic and smart.

Video is fun. Really!

Video is impressive, especially in multiples.

Video tells a million stories.


Video is you connecting with the exact person who needs to hear from you today.

Video is not hard. It can be complex, but all you need is a system, strategy and support to succeed. Learn more here.


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