Steal This: Video Tips from 5 Female Entrepreneurs with Great YouTube Channels

After last week's post, where I pointed out the lack of marketing video on websites of top female coaches, I wanted to follow up with some specific inspiration. 

Below are 5 YouTube channels from a random sample of life and business coaches / consultants; professional women with different niches, brands and ages.

I’m highlighting these to show you that growing your marketing, outreach and education with a YouTube channel is within the realm of possibility for any entrepreneur

You do not have to become a YouTube celebrity with millions of followers to see great ROI on a your YouTube efforts. This is a myth; please don't let it stop you.

You can improve your clients’ experience, deliver value in an engaging video format, uplevel your marketing communications, and make a difference in your business without millions of subscribers and views. 

There is a catch, though. 

You do have to get started, and you have to stay consistent.

You have to have a simple strategy and a system for producing your videos. Sound familiar? 

Every single entrepreneur with growing video presence started with her first video. Every single one. So lets get started! 

Kylie Carlson
Joined Dec 2017
9, 117 views
250 subscribers

Kylie is first because of all of these, she's the one I most want you to see. Fantastic new channel from a business coach for creatives.  I like this one especially to encourage you to get started now, because look at her numbers below after just one year. She’s connected 9,000 times with viewers, some percentage (I would guess over 70% at least) of them new to her.

Can you say that about your email list marketing? 

Steal this - see how she leaves her bloopers in the welcome video reel? imperfection = vulnerability = instant trust with the viewer. Brilliant, really. 

 Flipping Fifty:
Debra Atkinson
Joined 6/2013
64,000 subscribers

Very nice YouTube channel for fitness for over 50 women. Steal this: Debra cross-markets her book with her channel, too, an excellent strategy for authors. This may account for her high number of subscribers. That and also the fitness space is huge for video.

Angel Richardson
Joined 2010
22,000 subscribers
1.4 million views

I love the energy of this channel.
Steal this: the innovative, honest storytelling, with simple visuals we could all come up with,  in the welcome video.
Angel is a smart cookie. Steal this too: 
An excellent example of leveraging the welcome video to tell her story and sell her journal.

Carolin Soldo
Joined 10/2013
3700 subscribers
Vegas baby! Good example of a professionally branded YouTube channel. Not hard if you have your branding nailed already, and you plan ahead a little bit with a graphic designer. 
Steal this: Carolin shows the power of visuals and personal branding to show how clearly you can - and should -  differentiate your unique brand on video.
Her subscriber numbers are a bit low, given the channel is almost 5 years old. This likely reflects a strategy of building a highly engaged following vs. masses of subscribers.

Rebecca Vocal Athlete
Joined 4/2012
10 million views
71,000 subs

Something a little different - a vocal coach.
Steal this:
I LOVE how she plays the video within her videos to critique the performances - check it out and see if there is a way you could do this in your business. You will get some SEO boost from critiquing high traffic videos. 

Your turn:
​Do you have a favorite channel you follow on YouTube? Let me know, I'd love to take a look. 
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