Ordering the Complexity: Setting Up Your Video Strategy and System

Apologies to any vegetarians, this isn't meant to promote eating beef. Its a messy desk in a Montana office (not mine, btw)!
Do you remember the messy kid in class? The one with papers flying out of his notebook, always borrowing a pen, shoes untied, and a backpack that hadn't been cleaned out since pre-K? 

That's a little bit how you might thinking about video. Its the messy kid in class for your business. 

 It all seems like a hopeless jumble of steps and confusing gear.

It doesn't have to be that way. Different video are used for different goals, but here are some guidelines to get you going. 

Note: This is a long post, taken from our Guide to the Ultimate System for FabVideos, Finally Done. To receive more tips and a free limited time 30 minute consultation on your videos or marketing video strategy, sign up here. You'll be taken to an easy to use calendar to choose your time. 

1. Mindset

Start working on your mindset around video. I have a separate post around this, because it’s a big deal for most women.

2. Now, get tactical:

Eventually you will want to set up a 3 - 6 month business video content strategy . For now, start with 2 steps:
  • Easy peasy ‘cause you don’t have to shoot it: Ask all your happy clients to send you quick video testimonials about specific outcome they had with you, directly related to your secret sauce. Ask them to tell a quick story about it. Then use it in a short blog post to highlight THEIR achievements or business. With their permission, of course.
  • If you don't know what videos you want to create, outline a basic script for 1 - 3 core SHORT marketing videos every business needs - for most businesses this your personal introduction, and a video or two about your main product or service. Your goal is finished length, Max 2 minutes each. 60 seconds if you are going to post on Instagram.

IMPORTANT>>>>>>Don't forget a call to action that reflects your conversion goal for the video.

​Have a podcast?  You still need some video. Create a monthly video about upcoming speakers, or the best highlights from the month before. Do a “behind the scenes” video of your podcast set up. I know a woman with a podcast for working moms, she podcasts in her closet to hide from her kids. I totally want to see that - from her kids POV. Have them shoot it, maybe even interview her in her closet. Brilliant, right? 

Once you have your list of videos you want to create, here is the key: 

3. Batch those suckers. 

Set up a day to do your script outlines. Set up a day to practice. Maybe you don't need a day, choose what works for you. Tell us what is different about you and your product. Who is it for? Do not use the same glittering generalities that everyone else in your space is using.

Set up one day to record all of your videos. Get some sleep the night before. Get a buddy to help you. 

This is introducing you to the idea of batching your videos, which is the key to eventually creating lots of videos, efficiently.

Success mentor Darren Hardy’s Darren Daily is a genius example. Every single weekday, he sends a short, inspirational video to his email list. He is in the same chair, wearing the same blue shirt in almost every video.

He must have shot a couple of hundred videos over the course of a few days. He has leveraged that to build a huge following online in just a couple of years. ​Good video content is the definition of a good investment. Shoot once, use a gillion times. 

Whatever your flow, ideally you are shooting 10 days before you need the videos to give you time for the edit. (more on the edit, below)

Tips for scripts and shooting: 

  • Unless you are a 14 year old YouTuber, do not open your video with “Hi guys! Whats up?" Or  “Hello, my name is…” Open your video with an unexpected comment or “hook”. Sometimes it can lead to a story. See this video 1 minute quick tip below (and subscribe to our channel to receive more Quick Tips!)
  • Break the script into chunks and practice your delivery. Practice with your dog or cat as audience. They will love it. (Well, your dog will, your cat will remain unimpressed as usual.) 

  • You can and should shoot video with your smartphone. Use a tripod, a Rode lavalier mic that you plug into the headphone jack, sit about 3- 4 feet from the camera (yes, we that close because videos are increasingly being watched on mobile phone these days). Stand or sit near a window with some natural light, but not full sunlight. Try not stand right up against the wall, it's not a mug shot. Go HERE for a quick short list of equipment to simplify what you need.  

  • Clear the clutter from the background.

  • Tape a piece of paper with some reminder words to your tripod below the smartphone. Look into the camera, visualize your best friend is inside that little black dot smiling at you. Do not read to us from a script off camera. Do a couple takes and relax.

  • Tell your perfectionist self to go sit in the corner and be quiet. If you can, try recording the whole video at once over a couple of takes.  If not, record usable chunks so the editor isn’t trying to splice together fragment sentences.

  • Unless you have fat bucks to spend on the edit, do not upload a mass of jumbled comments and expect that the editor can just “edit that part out.” Our Ultimate Guide contains detailed tips for how to shoot footage that is easy to edit and will make your editor love you.

    Which leads me to: 

    4. Lastly, people always ask me, How do I edit?  

    As a former damn good video editor, my honest answer is, you shouldn’t. You are running a business. But we know sometimes you may need to go ahead and edit at least the first couple. This is why we offer our clients a few different levels of editing help - from editor matchmaking, to consulting with clients who are editing, to full-service editing package.    

  • Apart from some quick trysts with my old buddy Final Cut Pro now and then, I don’t edit anymore, either. I am running a business.

    Editing is a huge time suck. Unlike some other things may do ourselves, like taxes or social media, it doesn’t teach you anything that has a ripple effect in your business. Lastly, there is an art to it. DIY edited videos usually do not flow very well. Look for a video editor in your town to increase their accountability to your project.

    Managing video editors is no picnic, either, but it is better than editing yourself. I say this with all love, having been an editor and managed them too.

    The truth is, most editors want to make the client happy, but they don’t know about your business goals or your market space. What they want to be doing is working on their friend’s music video or cutting the newest BMW commercial.

    However, if you tell them you’ve tried to shoot your footage in an organized way with the editing flow in mind, they will light up and move you to the front of their schedule because, unlike that gnarly mess of footage someone else just gave them, they know they can finish your job soon and get paid. 

So that's it! We've cleaned up the messy kids' backpack! Those steps will yield your 3 core business videos and a simple home video setup. There is more to cover about organizing your marketing videos, and posting them, and tracking them - it's all part of the Fab System - but lets start with getting your first batch out the door. 

Now, schedule your batch video days, get your bad self in front of that camera and OWN THIS.

Because you know that messy kid in school? He's a millionaire right now with a ton of videos online!

If you have questions, I’m here for you. : ) 

This is taken from our Guide to the Ultimate System for FabVideos, Finally Done. To receive more tips and a free limited time brief consultation on your videos or video strategy, sign up here. You'll be taken to an easy to use calendar to choose the time that works best for your schedule. 


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