Extra Credit! Business Video Basics 30 minute Summer School - Free!

Remember Summer School?
When you had to take a couple classes to catch up...
Or MAYBE, just maybe, because most coaches are overachievers, you took classes to get ahead, right? If you follow Amy Porterfield, she often refers to being a recovering A student. I can relate, believe me. 
I love summer because its the ultimate season for incorporating work and play. That’s why this summer I’m working from Todos Santos, Mexico.

Join me and Chiki if you are behind and want to catch up on the basics behind integrating video into your business. In 6 weeks, for about 20 minutes a week you can learn the basics of getting started with video for your business.

The Ultimate System for Fab Videos, Finally Done presents Biz Video Basics - a 30 minute summer school and office hours - every Tuesday for 6 weeks on Facebook LIVE at theFab Videos, Finally Done Facebook page. 

Come in your flipflops, I’ll present a 10 - 15 minute tip, some examples of other coaches doing a fab job with video, and also I'll take your questions live, too. 

As a video producer for 15 years, I know the easy insider tips that are not hard but make a big difference in your results.

We’ll have downloads for you and extra credit bonuses including these 5 Insider Power Tips.

  1. The only 4 things you need to shoot fabulous videos and get them DONE.
  2. What video really means for your professional life.
  3. The most powerful video is also the one that you don’t have to shoot OR edit.
  4. What you need to do BEFORE you shoot your videos that will make your edit MUCH easier.
  5. 2 keys to manage on-camera anxiety.
  6. What to say (and not to say) at the beginning of your videos.
  7. Current and evolving best practices for distributing your video - you’ll want your VA to take notes on this one.

We’ll keep it simple cause it’s hot outside, you want to get to the beach or pool, and so does Chiki!

Here is your syllabus:

7/17 - Do you even need business video?  
I know you probably wish it would all just go away. Tune in and decide for yourself  if video would help your business as I present some facts, figures and the science behind why video works for certain businesses. Don’t worry, it won’t be boring.

7/24 - I hate being on camera.
If you didn’t grow up taking 2 selfies every 5 minutes or posting youtube videos with your cat, you may not be 100% comfortable on camera. Am I right or am I right?
This session is for you if you have camera anxiety.

7/31 - Super simple gear list:
I’ve seen a well-meaning video guide from a big social media company - it  features 5 cameras, a bunch of mics, and all sorts of stuff you do not need.  In addition to your smartphone, all you need is 4 items, and one of those is possibly optional.

8/7  - Diving in - how to plan your first three videos.  Don’t panic. It’s no harder, and much more efficient, to do more than one video at a time. I’ll tell you why in class.
Insider tip: Very few of the best things in life are easy, but this is one of them - possibly  the most powerful marketing video ever is the one you don’t even have to shoot or edit!

8/14 - Be like Oprah.  Set up your mini-studio so that all you have to do is walk on set and start taping is one of the keys to saving a ton of time and consistently producing video. We’ll go over setting up your mini-studio, taking the first few shots, and share our Power Tip to implement BEFORE you even shoot that will make the edit a cut and paste breeze.

8/21 - Tying it all together  - video strategy overview. It’s important to get started, yet have a plan. How to start with a simple video strategy.

Hope to see you there!

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