Wednesday Update Plus Lessons Learned from Facebook Live

Greetings from Todos Santos, Baja Ca Sur, Mexico! 

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This town in off season is a fantastic place to get a lot done. Very few distractions.

Speaking of getting stuff done - congratulations to those of you who have finished up taping your videos, and also to those of you who are diving in to the process!  

Don’t forget to take it step by step and give yourself some time with the first few tries.

In fact, that is what I have been telling myself about my first real forays into Facebook Live. I've got Facebook on the brain so before we move on, I want to ask you a big favor. Would you go give the Facebook Page a thumbs up? I've also posted  a video update of this blog post there, so if you would rather watch that, you can. Or you can just hit the back button on your browser and return here after you Like the page.

​Here is the page:  FAB VIDEOS FINALLY DONE

Let me know if you want us to Like your page, too. Thanks!

In this post: 

1. Facebook Audience Building Tip and example.

2. Video Basics 30 minute Summer School

3. Lessons learned from Facebook Live (so far)

Here is an audience building tip:

I’m setting up video interviews with coaches who are using video in their business. That way  they have a chance to highlight their smart video strategy for their viewers, and I get exposure to their audience that tunes in. 

The only trick is, I don’t have many followers yet, so not every coach sees it as worthwhile.  No worries. I’m offering to mention them on a couple of podcasts during my upcoming podcasting “tour” as a way to add value.    : )

For example,  I had a really fun time talking with Patty Lennon, a top ranked coach who does Facebook Live regularly and has used Periscope in the past. (The reason why she quit using it will surprise you, it did me).

Her situation is interesting because she gets very high engagement on many of her videos, relative to the number of people who like her page. One way she does that with a simple, inexpensive boosting strategy. You can learn more about it by watching our interview HERE>>>>

I also experimented with FB live client office hours on Tuesday - it went OK, although I wasn’t able to add a client who had a question and that was frustrating. We communicated through the chat box.  (see Lessons Learned).

Also as part of my strategy to rev up the FVFD Facebook presence, I’m creating a simple Business Video Basics 30 minute summer school on FB live - Tuesdays at 1:00 Central time for 6 weeks. It actually turns out to be about 15 minutes and then time for questions.  This past week was a brief overview of video trends, and a simple framework of considerations to decide if you need business video or not. Next Tuesday we’ll talk about camera anxiety. Would love to see you there!


Facebook Live Lessons Learned - note, I updated this on July 25, after a bit of a fail with our live broadcast yesterday. 

I’ve been playing with FB live the last couple of weeks. It’s fun! And it’s super easy once you get it set up, in fact I think I will start live posting these Wednesday updates over there.

But like most new stuff online, the tech is not seamless the first time. Here are my lessons Learned from FB live:

  1. Most modern internet connections have decent download speed for streaming data, including video. For streaming Facebook Live video at a decent quality, you ideally need 2 mbps or more UPLOAD speed. Many connections have less than 1 mbps, as is the case right now for me at my current office situation, so I’m making do.

    What this means is that when I’m live, the image might be pixelated, or my voice isn’t synced with my speaking. However, after the live stream, Facebook posts the saved video and the quality is actually pretty good if I use my phone to stream. (See 3 below.)

  2. I used this app to test my internet connection:  Speedtest. I found it in the App Store. You can also test your connection from the website:

  3. The quality of the stream is better when I use my iPhone - this really surprised me because I actually plugged my big iMac in with an ethernet cable (meaning I plugged directly into the internet connection and wasn’t using the wifi) and it still didn’t stream as well. Whatever the reason, that’s fine with me because its much simpler to use my iPhone, anyway.
  4. Headphones help: I love these from Urban Ears. The sound quality is almost as good as an entry level professional mic. 

  5. If you want to invite someone in on your stream, you have to be using and iPhone or iPad, not a laptop or desktop computer. Update 7/25 - your guest has to be on their iPhone or iPad, too! They cannot join from their laptop. Like most things that are clear as mud before, this makes perfect sense now. 

    I was (thankfully) able to add Patty on our call. But later I wasn’t able to add Jamie, a client, on the live office hour call in the private group. Frustrating. 7/25 - this may be because Jamie was on her computer, I need to check with her and see. 

  6. Before you commit big time to FB Live, consider where your audience is really spending time and more comfortable. I really appreciated Lisa's clarity with this - she uses Instagram and IG video much more than Facebook and talks about why about 24 minutes into our interview . Also, weigh the benefits of being live versus being able to pre-record, batch and automate your videos, which is a HUGE benefit for busy entrepreneurs. I'll be doing a post about exactly this topic soon. 

These directions from Facebook did not help:
In fact, I give FB a big fat F for their online help on-boarding people to FB live. 

They told me to swipe left and when I did that, it showed that she was watching, but there was no way to invite her.

FB also says if you tap their comment, you can invite the viewer. I don’t remember if I tapped her comment so I'll test that next time. 

You are supposed to see the viewer's photo up in the right hand corner of your phone screen with a green video button, and you tap that to invite them. The Facebook directions don't even mention that. I could see Jamie's photo, but there was no green video button.

At any rate, it merits further experimentation and I’ll let you know what I find out.


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