Coaches Who are Rocking Video: Expert Interview with Patty Lennon

I had a fun time chatting with top ranked business coach Patty Lennon how she has used video in her highly successful coaching business. Patty's website is ranked in the top 25 on Google and she has used both Periscope and Facebook Live extensively. 

 I'll be honest, it was my first Facebook Live shared screen interview and I was so relieved when we got Patty on screen, too. I had done some testing but if there is one thing 15 years in marketing video production taught me, if something can go wrong, it probably will. 

Maybe it's because it's new to me, but it isn't as easy to add someone to your Facebook Live as it should be. I much preferZoom as an interview platform, to be honest, but for now we are getting FB Live figured out.  I've got more Lessons Learned from Facebook Live in this post.

(You can actually share a Zoom live video meeting over onto Facebook Live, and we'll be experimenting with that soon, too.)

Below is the interview with Patty, embedded fromFacebook. Patty is interesting because she gets high engagement on her videos, even though her page doesn't have thousands of likes.

(If you have questions about how to embed a Facebook video file into your blog page, let me know in the comments below.)

Video Distribution tip: Be sure your videos are working double time for you.

During my next production batching session, we'll be ordering subtitle files and a transcript, downloading the video from FB, and uploading it to YouTube, and adding subtitles and descriptions with juicy keywords in both places.  Up to 85% of videos on Facebook are watched without sound, so it is important to add subtitles. 


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