Recovering A Student, Rocking my solid C on Facebook Live this past week.

Talking with top ranked coach and branding strategist Lisa Guillot from BeBright Lisa  and the biggest take away that I didn't expect. If you struggle with perfectionism, this post is for you. 
 So lets just get right to it with my big FAT FAIL ON FACEBOOK LIVE. YUP. LIVE. 
I really enjoyed talking with Lisa Guillot yesterday as part of the  30 minute FVFD Video Basics summer school.
Lisa is an entrepreneur, life and leadership coach and brand strategist. She brings big brand and marketing techniques to her clients, along with hard earned wisdom from personal struggles with perfectionism - she refers to herself as a "recovering perfectionist".

I can relate to this, as I'm a recovering A-student.  

And apparently I'm rocking my recovery as you will see with my solid C results yesterday.  

Talking with Lisa was very synergistic, and she was extremely gracious and flexible as I fumbled my way up my learning curve for Facebook live.

I could not figure out why I couldn’t add her to the Live Stream on the FB FVFD business page so we switched to my personal page and did the interview there.

It turns out the page was not the issue.

What I realized is I neglected to tell her she needed to join the conversation from her phone or iPad. I actually knew that but had not created a system (aka checklist) for these interviews, so that lil' detail slipped my mind. (What is that saying about where the devil hangs out? ) 

She was initially trying to join from her computer and that's why I could not add her.

If you want more Lessons Learned from Facebook live check out this blog post.
My experiment with FB live so far has been interesting. a little frustrating, fun at times and yesterday downright embarrassing.  You all know I do my pre-production and research and I thought I knew how to run a smooth FB live by this point.

At the risk of sounding like a crybaby, I give Facebook a big fat F for the quality of their help materials onboarding people onto FB Live. So get in touch if you have questions because I AM  getting it figured out so I can answer your questions. 

Plus, there's no denying that live video interaction is super powerful for deepening your connection with your audience.

So how do you decide how much live video to do? And where? Facebook? Instagram? even Linked In?
Of course you need to consider where your audience is hanging out. 

But here was an insight from Lisa I didn't expect - (and a spot-on example of why she's a great coach).

 I'm paraphrasing here: 

"I really work on guarding my energy. My people are more over on Instagram, the energy on Facebook is draining to me. Facebook is a very noisy place right now with tons of different things going on.  Also, I don't always want to be live. I'll give away my secret - I usually bring 3 outfits down into my office and shoot 3 videos, and schedule those for Instagram."

(see her whole interview HERE) 

As entrepreneurs, we work super hard to be as efficient as possible - batch and automate content production, or scheduling meetings on specific days - a live broadcast feels inefficient and like a bump in our day.

Depending upon your goals, the tradeoff may not be worth it. I would love to hear your experience or opinions, with this caveat:

You may likely already have written off FB live, or IGTV as "not needed". I get it - I may eventually be over on IGTV instead, but that is part of what I'm figuring out. 

 I challenge you not to do so until you do a small test. Then you will know its not for you based on having tried it, not based on a fear reaction masquerading as overwhelm. Is there a way you can integrate it into something you are already doing weekly? Like these Wednesday updates for example - I'm putting a FB live video up with them. 

OK last bit:

Summer School: Next week's topic - Camera Anxiety, Jitters, the Shakes, all of the above. 

Facebook Live - Tuesdays at 1:00 Central.  Yes, I'll be back in the ring. 

Come in your flipflops.  Next week - If the thought of being on camera makes you want to hide under your desk and eat chocolate (or do tequila shots), join us. 

Bring Chocolate. Tequila optional. Or is it the other way around? 
​: D


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