Are You Bullying Your Followers and Don't Even Realize It? Insights for Personal Brands

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Like many people, I watched Facebook and Twitter blow up during and after halftime at the Superbowl. 

One post in particular caught my eye. It was written by a woman I admire, she’s a successful entrepreneur who is building her following. 

Her post was impassioned, and it was defensive and judgmental of anyone who didn’t agree with her. 

As I read it, I thought, that’s interesting.  She doesn't realize her power, yet. She has new people following her now because she has put herself out there as a leader in her space. They look up to her.  Perhaps they don't all agree with her on this issue. 

I wonder how they might be feeling?  

And then I thought, where have I done the same? Where have I put my ego ahead of how my words may make someone else, who doesn't agree with me, feel?  Where have I played small?

If you are taking on the commitment - and the responsibility - of building a following for your personal brand, I created a new video may be of interest to you.

It's also a good one to watch as we get into the election cycle.

The truth is, the Super Bowl halftime drama is only the tip of the iceberg. As election year heats up, the commentary on Facebook is only going to get more heated. One woman posted "I just want to slap her" about a female politician she doesn't like.

And lastly, Facebook is also under a lot of external pressures from governments as well. All of these factors pose some business risk to you.

Join me for a 20 minute snapshot presentation of some of the risks in 2020 of relying too heavily on Facebook, if your business is closely linked to your personal brand. 

We’ll go over:
  • Risks of using your personal profile for business. 
  • Risk to your brand as election year heats up. 
  • Dangers of putting too many eggs in FB or IG basket.
  • How Facebook censoring can “ghost” your profile, and you may not even know it.
  • The risks Facebook is facing, too, based on the research from Rita McGrath, Business School professor at Columbia University, about the threats the company faces from the government, and those implications for your brand and business.

Finally, we’ll cover 3 action items you can implement to reduce your risk. 

All in 20 minutes, with time for questions after.

Why am I doing this? Because I see a lot of you limiting your video activity to FB live. That is not a criticism, I applaud you for stepping up!   

I know its a lot of work to support different social channels. As
 I type this, its 12:40 am on a Friday night; I've been working on my content plan all day. 

However, I’m also constantly looking for the best ways for clients to use video to build their solo business or modern personal brand. 

And for 2020, overly depending on Facebook or Facebook live is not one of them. 

Sign up for a 20 minute Zoom presentation Risky Business: Facebook 2020 on Thursday 2/13 at 12:00 Central time.  


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