Hi there!

Like you, I've come to this point in my entrepreneurial journey via a variety of experiences. 

For 15 years I was a freelance marketing video consultant, producer, videographer, writer and video editor for small businesses and non-profits in Austin and the San Francisco Bay area. I was married at that time, and  also the stay at home parent for two awesome kids. 

About 5 years ago I decided to Play Big and finally succumbed to a chronic case of wanderlust. 

You've already seen on the home page how I left the nest really empty. I manifested a life-long dream of minimizing stuff to maximize experiences.

If you are in midlife and uncertain about what's next for you, I encourage you to take a risk or two. I assure you that there is a plan for you if you step on the path. Many "miracles" of synergy show up on the journey. 

Early in my travels, when I was house sitting in Todos Santos, Mexico, I had a chance meeting with someone I knew from Northern California. I happened to see on Facebook (of course) that he was passing through, so I messaged him last minute, and we got together for a margarita. As we talked, he mentioned something about an online accelerator program for female entrepreneurs. 

That night, on a hot sweaty patio, with mosquitoes snacking on my ankles, I applied to the program. It cost $997. My inner dragon fear babies hissed at the extravagance of it all. 

My Warrior, who finds life much more interesting now that I am scaring the crap out of myself on the reg, swatted the little hissers aside, pulled out the credit card and typed in the numbers, ignoring the lump in my throat.

The next day when I opened the acceptance email, I had more than just sweat running down my cheeks, I actually cried a bit.

After years of putting my career on the back burner for very good reasons (no regrets), it was a huge confidence boost to realize that the bad ass women hosting the accelerator saw the potential in me that I hoped was still there. That was only the first step of many more entrepreneurial adventures to come, as we'll see in a bit.

During this time I traveled solo throughout the western US, Ecuador and Central Mexico and Baja.

I rediscovered snow skiing after 25 years, and soaked up the healing energy of Montana's mountains in winter. 

I treasured precious time with my amazing millennial kids in Mexico City, Iceland, the UK and Europe.

I lived in Mexico City for two years, a life long dream that also helped me finally become bilingual in Spanish and English.  Ándale!

All during this time, I took on house sitting gigs and remote video editing jobs to help pay the bills. I worked to rebuild my professional network and create a location independent online business. 

I tried and failed and tried again and failed and tried again, and eventually the stars at night, big and bright, began to align. I found my tribe and my voice. As an extension of my insight and writing talents, I work with small, intense creative teams offering career transition personal branding and marketing video strategy services at  MirrorYourBrilliance.com.

So what does all this mean for you? 

The constant thread through the last few years is this:  I really like change. One of my superpowers is an ability to to tolerate quite a bit of uncertainty and discomfort in return for new experiences and personal growth. 

When she was about 12 years old, my daughter rolled her pre-teen eyes and said to me, "You're always talking about people's 'potential', Mom."  And she was right. I see the brilliance in almost everyone, and I LOVE people who do stuff that makes them grow and shine. 

For the first time in human history, millions of people can work from anywhere with an internet connection. This offers a huge opportunity for people who are interested in taking a few weeks to a few years to live and work in a different country.

We are also living and working longer. People are switching jobs more often and expecting more fulfillment from their work. I believe the concept of a sabbatical is already gaining traction and will only increase. 

Are you excited, and at times overwhelmed, by the promise and possibility of the Next Normal? Do the people around you seem a bit stuck in fear and looking to the past?
Are you looking for community?  I invite you to learn more about The Tigress Society.